level 3  unit 3  part 2 vocabulary

biology is study of life, including its structure and evolution
biology study how life survives and reproduces
chemistry is the study of matter, including the structure of its atoms and molecules
chemists study how various substances interact with each other
astronomy is one of  the oldest sciences
astronomers study the structure and evolution of the universe, including the study of stars, planets and galaxies
geologies is the study of structure of history of the earth and other planets
geologist study different types of rocks, earthquakes and different layers of the earth
mathematics is the study of numbers, shapes, patterns and change
mathematics is used by all other branches of science

here are some types of terrible events that hurt or kill people
earthquakes are cause by forces deep within the earth
during earthquakes, many people are often killed by collapsing buildings and bridges
floods happen when rivers rise and overflow their banks
floodwaters damage or destroy many houses and businesses
fires destroy building, land, and forests
there are many causes for fire, including lightning
in a hurricane, high winds destroy building and sometimes cause flooding
some hurricanes have winds of more than 200 miles an hour
car accidents happen when cars collide or when drivers lose control of their cars
one of the main causes of car accidents is driving too fast

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