level 3  unit 3  part 2 listening

quickserve is a home repair company
it provides quick,reliable repair services to homes
quickserve handles plumbing and  electrical issues twenty four hours a day
it also cleans roofs  fixes internet connections, and replaces broken windows
for a small fee, customers subscrible  to the  services
it's main customers are the elderly which mean older people
whenever customers have a problem, they can call for help
there is also a small services charge for each services call

the company was established five years ago, and is growing rapidly
it  started in one city but it now in five cities
the company plans to expand to ten cities within the next twenty four mounths
in each city,there is a small central office in low-rent area of the city
the central office handles business adversting,payroll and billing
it also takes calls from customers, either online or by telephone
it takes calls twenty four hours a  day, seven days a week

sixty percent of the company's employees work from their homes
when a customer calls in to the central office ,a service employee contacted
the service employee then contacts the customer and sets up appointment
these service employees are highly trained and provide excellent service
in emergencies such as a  serious plubming problem service can be provided within an hour  
one reason for this is that the  service  employees live in different parts of the city
they are not centrally located so it's quicker and easier for them to travel to a  customer's home

quickserve has an excellent reputation
its price are reasonable and its services are quick and efficient
the company's service employees are clean polite  efficient
in this type of business person to person contact is the key to success
with each satisfied more customers subscrible
satisfied customers recommend quickserve to their friends
this kind of word-of-mouth adversting it's very cost effective
cost effective means that results are  good without paying a high price
in other words,quality service provides its own reward to the company

the company takes great pride in being honest with its customers
there are no hidden charges for their services
as a results the number of customers in each city is growing rapidly
with aging population, there are more elderly people who need home repair services
these people need to have confidence in the service provider
they don't want to be cheated
these people don't mind  paying reasonable fee for high quality services
high quality service should be rewarded

the company provides a range of service plans each with different subscription price
the least expensive service plan is called the  basic plan
this plan provides non-emergency services with a very low service charge
the most expensive service plan is their vip plan
the vip plan provides emergency services 24 hours a day ,with no additional service charge
it also provides rebates to customers who don't call for any service duing the year
in addition quiceserve gives bouns points to customers for each year that they subscrible
these bouns points can be used to buy new appliances such as stoves and refrigerators

if the business continues to grow ,the owners may decide take the company public
this means that the public can buy shares of the company
it will then change form a privately-owned company to a public company
the owners belive that their business is successful and can expand around the world
they also belive that taking  their company public can make  them rich  

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